Updates on BR 61 002 Streamlined Steam Locomotive

We are making this extraordinary locomotive in fine HO-scale, and this is a 80 pieces (including all five versions) limited edition. Expected to be the finest BR 61 ever produced.

Making this finest BR 61 is much more difficult than we expected. Just making proper lettering for each version took hundreds hours. Have you ever had a close look on those side letterings and compared everything to the real engine on historical pictures?  We are doing that everyday for making a perfect model.

Another challenger to make this engine is bending work for its streamlined body. Every curve and angle need to be perfect, and this requires top technic and know-how to complete this complicated task. To make a perfect shape, we combine casting and etching parts together to represent the prototype faithfully. This is a reason that only plastic and metal models producers made this prototype because of die-cast and plastic models don’t require any bending work as this brass model does.

Anyway, you may think that making a streamlined engine is easy because of less pips and “details” on its body, but a outstanding streamlined engine model needs much more works.

Attached are some pictures for the partial body of BR 61 model.

20150807_144647 20150807_144753 20150807_144832