A revolutionary model from us, German Wuerttemberg Class B

Today we received samples for our HO-009 German Wuerttemberg Class B project. Total we have three versions but today we show you only two of them as one sample now is out for more pictures.


Why do we state that this model is revolutionary? First, to make the most accurate color on those gold color parts such as sand dome gold rings, pipes, and the top of smoke stack, are plated by real gold. The advantages on gold plating are not only offering better and sharper color, but also making those parts being rush-free for decades and decades.


Also, we use laser to write on the edge of wheels as prototypes did. This is the very first for making model train collections.


Furthermore, the HO-009/1 Wien is the only model in the world  that features the true Russia Iron painting job. As the true Russia Iron boiler’s color will change under different lighting. Later on we will update a series of pictures for this model in different environments.


Paris 4

Wien 4